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About Us

Carmona Pool Services is a family owned business, We operate above the industry standard while providing upfront and reliable services in the commercial and residential pool industry for close to 20 years. Located in NJ, we prioritize our relations with each and every one of our clients ensuring the most precise, high quality and complete pool operations on the market. Here at Carmona Pool Services, we offer our clients the exclusivity that our competitors can't offer, since we limit the amount of customers to provide the highest quality. In the state of New Jersey there are very few pool companies that provide the multi-dimensional services that we do, also incorporating renovation services such as Plaster, Tile & Coping, Pumproom and many other renovations along with in house Pool Construction from start to finish.

About The Owners

I started in the pool industry at the age of 21 quickly finding a passion for pools and customer service but for me, it was more than just pool services it became about taking good care of good people. My pride is in the fact that I am an honest man who works hard for the what and who he loves in order to provide the best for everyone in my life. Hi, I'm Shaun Carmona, The Head of Carmona Pool Services. Let me introduce you to my family. My wife, Alaina wears many hats for our company and the multi-tasking abilities that were picked up from her being such a great wife & mother show. She's always putting her best foot forward to ensure that our clients always receive top of the line service. My two kids, Allyana & Antonio are just as great and just as motivated to see all of our dreams come to fruition! We're all in this together.

Meet The Carmona's

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